The Best Oils For BMW Engines

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On sale the wildest BMW M3 E30: with a V10 engine!

That a BMW M3 E30 is put on sale in perfect condition is an event. This sports car, already a classic, raises passions in its path, but the one I present today is much more special. For starters, it is possibly the most expensive BMW M3 E30 on sale today; it costs more than 200,000 euros! But under the hood is a real monster: the V10 engine of the BMW M5 with 550 HP. Hallucinatory!

Imagine a BMW M3 E30 with the V10 engine of a BMW M5 with more than 550 HP. If the BMW M3 E30, is already one of the most shooting sports, with such a propeller under the hood, the legendary German sportsman becomes a real monster capable of humiliating the strongest modern games, yes, you need hands to be able to tame such a ‘block.’ We have seen on the internet several cases of BMW M3 E30 that receives ‘fatter’ engines, which is known as a ‘ motor swap,’ which is rarer is to find them for sale. Today I bring you one, in perfect condition, but yes, you’re going to have to scratch your pocket: it costs more than 200,000 euros! The same thing that could cost you a Ferrari 458 Italy. Here is the announcement.

Everything in this car is wild. The car has been completely disassembled to receive such an extraordinary transformation that some have dubbed it the BMW M3 E30 Frankenstein. The most important thing is the incorporation of the V10 engine of the BMW M5 E60, which initially had 507 hp, but in this model has been modified to reach 550 hp. But this engine in the BMW M5 was associated with an automatic SMG III gearbox, a little ‘purist’ type of change for an M3 E30, so it was replaced and instead, placed a six-speed manual gearbox.