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6 Signs To Change Your Spark Plugs

Ensuring that your car is well maintained should be among your priorities to enable you to enjoy prolonged years of service. There are various parts of our car that you should always make sure they are properly checked by a profession on a regular basis. Spark plugs are one of the integral parts of your cars motor because they will provide the needed spark which will ignite the air as well as the fuel mixture in the cylinder. It is through this continuous ignition that will make your car continue moving. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the spark plugs are checked regularly, cleaned frequently. There are also tips on how to replace spark plugs when necessary to help reduce the possibility of problems in the future. If you are wondering when you can replace the spark plugs, here are 6 signs that will hint you to change them.


  1. The engine having a rough idle. 1000 rpm will be produced by your car especially while it is stationary since the engine will be idle at this position. If your car has been properly checked and goes through regular maintenance, you will enjoy a smooth and constant sound unlike when your plug sparks are not maintained properly. In case you notice that there is the production of rough as well as jittering sound and also larger vibrations on your car, it is important to consider changing your spark plugs since this could lead to dangerous damages.
  2. Having challenges as you start the car. A significant number of people think and believe that the car failed to start is contributed by lack of fuel or even flat battery. You should not overlook the possibility of having spark plugs that are worn out or even spark plugs that are bad. You will not be able to move or start your car in case the spark plugs for your car are not producing the sparks needs to make your car move. Your car’s battery could be draining due to the presence of faulty spark plugs and therefore it is a high time that you have the spark plugs replaced.
  3. The engine misfires. Whenever one of the cylinders is not firing correctly, your car will not function properly and thus this will lead to high amounts of emission and hence it is a high time to replace the spark plugs.
  4. Engine surge. This will happen every time your car’s engine sucks in more air in the combustion process and this will lead to your car jerking, slowing down or even starts and stops continuously. This is a dangerous effect on your car since it shows that your engine is not working efficiently and hence you should consider changing the spark plugs.
  5. Increased fuel consumption. Due to incomplete combustion that could be attributed to poor spark plugs for your car, you are going to notice that there will be increased fuel consumption than normal rate. You will need to change the spark plugs to enable you to get back to your optimum fuel consumption levels.
  6. Decreased acceleration rates. You might have been used to your car responding faster every time but later you realize that the car is not responding as it used to. This could be attributed failing spark plugs or even worn out plugs, it is, therefore, important to ensure that the sparks are serviced or even replaced on time to ensure that your car responds a faster as it used to.

Video on how to change spark plugs