BMW X5 G05: Official information about the fourth X5

After more than 2.2 million units of the first three generations, it’s time for the new BMW X5 G05. The fourth generation will be in November 2018 …

After more than 2.2 million units of the first three generations, it’s time for the new BMW X5 G05. The fourth generation will celebrate its market launch in November 2018 and, like its predecessors, built at US Spartanburg, which is why most European customers will not be able to enjoy the new edition before 2019. Right from the start, the new BMW X5 will be available in the xLine and M Sport variants, providing customers with extensive options for customizing the look.

Regardless of the design line chosen, the new BMW X5 G05 has a length that has grown by 36 millimeters to around 4.92 meters, a vehicle width that has risen to just over 2.0 meters at 66 millimeters and a height of just under 19 millimeters that is 19 millimeters 75 meters. The wheelbase has grown by 42 millimeters, whereby the overhangs have shrunk marginally. More important than these numbers, however, is that the new X5 uses the current BMW CLAR architecture and can therefore draw on all the current technology features that BMW offers its upper-class customers.

The striking double kidney of the new BMW X5 G05 stands with its direct connection of the two kidney halves in the eyes, in addition to adaptive LED headlamps with laser high beam are used on request. At the rear, especially the completely redesigned taillights catch the eye, which are strongly shaped in three dimensions and deepened in the middle area. Optionally, for the first time in a production BMW up to 22-inch alloy wheels are installed ex factory, come as standard at least 18-inch model. The still two-part tailgate can be opened and closed fully electrically for the first time, behind it hides a boot volume of 645 to 1,860 liters.

In addition to the particularly important for Europe diesel variants X5 xDrive30d and X5 M50d will also be available two petrol engines: The BMW X5 xDrive40i with inline six-cylinder and initially not planned for Europe X5 xDrive50i with 462 hp V8 biturbo. Most customers in Germany are likely to grab the 265 hp and a maximum of 620 Newton meters strong BMW X5 xDrive30d or X5 M50d with 400 hp Quadturbo diesel. The BMW X5 xDrive50i, with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 in only 4.7 seconds, already provides a taste of the future BMW X5 M.

All four engines available for launch are equipped with double wishbone front and five-link rear suspension, the Dynamic Damper Control DDC is standard on board. Drivers with a keen interest in driving pleasure in the SUV segment can take advantage of the Adaptive M undercarriage Professional with active rear-axle steering and active roll stabilization. For maximum comfort and increased off-road capabilities, we already have the X6 dual-axle air suspension . Five modes and full 8 cm spread between highest and lowest setup make the X5 significantly more off-road than its predecessor, also a regulated mechanical limited slip differential on the rear axle and special characteristics for sand, rock, gravel and snow are valuable helpers in the field.

The cockpit of the BMW X5 G05 presents itself in a completely new form, as it is here that the new iDrive generation ID7 is used for the first time. The luxury SUV comes standard with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which consists of two 12.3-inch displays. Optionally, a head-up display with enlarged display area is added to inform the driver as distraction-free as possible. On request, the interior can be enhanced, among other things with controls made of cut glass, a panoramic roof with the well-known from the 7 Skylounge lighting, a 20 speakers and 1,500-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system and of course a third row of seats.

Especially at motorway speeds, the comfort on board the BMW X5 G05 should benefit from significantly reduced wind noise. The basis for this is the standard acoustic glazing at the front and the 0.30 cW value improved. An interesting detail is that the Air Breather called air outlets behind the front wheels are just a design element that fulfills no aerodynamic function in the case of the X5.

The BMW X5 G05 also takes a clear step forward in the area of ​​assistance systems, because the BMW Personal CoPilot is even more powerful at the virtual control of the luxury SUV. With the optional Driving Assistant Professional, the new BMW X5 offers steering and lane guidance, traffic jam assistant, lane departure warning with active side collision protection, lane change assistant, evasive assistance and much more. The emergency stop assistant celebrates its world premiere, bringing the BMW X5 to a standstill in the absence of driver intervention and after pulling the electric parking brake lever – depending on driving conditions, either on the current lane, on the roadside or on the shoulder. For this purpose, the X5 can also perform autonomous lane changes to maneuver the vehicle out of the danger zone.

The capabilities of maneuvering and parking assistance systems were further expanded. It goes without saying that the BMW X5 G05 maneuvers into parking spaces at the touch of a button, taking over the gear, accelerator and brake pedals as well as the steering. New is the reversing assistant, which helps the driver to park and maneuver in confined spaces: up to 80 Meters of the last forward distance traveled are driven back at the push of a button in the identical lane. This also works if a forward approaching parking position is not to be left until the next day and the vehicle has been parked for several hours in the meantime. If you are looking for BMW spares for the X5 visit: